About Us

Founded in 1992 as one of the first Venture Funds in Israel with $1B under management STAR has successfully built over 180 category leading technology companies. STAR has orchestrated over 82 successful IPOs and M&As to date. These include companies such as Aeroscout, Acopia, Alvarion, Broadlight, BigBand, Broadbus, Ciena, Creo, Identify, Orckit, Precise, Sheer Networks and Topio.

STAR has a reputation for working with a broad range of companies and is recognized as a venture capital firm capable of uncovering and creating value across a broad sector of emerging, early stage, and mid-stage companies.

STAR has a global reach with offices in Germany and Israel. Offering companies the invaluable ability to move deftly when opportunities for growth become evident, STAR has established itself as a highly respected presence in the venture capital marketplace, producing success in telecom, enterprise software, media, wireless and life science sectors.